Config (CLI)

--instrument-iTrading instrument id. View list
--date-from-fromFrom date (yyyy-mm-dd)
--date-to-tonowTo date (yyyy-mm-dd or 'now')
--timeframe-td1Timeframe aggregation (tick, s1, m1, m5, m15, m30, h1, h4, d1, mn1)
--price-type-pbidPrice type: (bid, ask)
--utc-offset-utc0UTC offset in minutes
--volumes-vfalseInclude volumes
--volume-units-vumillionsVolume units (millions, thousands, units) (default: "millions")
--flats-flfalseInclude flats (0 volumes)
--format-fjsonOutput format (csv, json, array). View output examples
--directory-dir./downloadDownload directory
--batch-size-bs10Batch size of downloaded artifacts
--batch-pause-bp1000Pause between batches in ms
--cache-chfalseUse cache
--cache-path-chpath./.dukascopy-cacheFolder path for cache data
--retries-r0Number of retries for a failed artifact download
--retry-on-empty -refalseA flag indicating whether requests with successful but empty (0 Bytes) responses should be retried. If retries is 0this parameter will be ignored
--no-fail-after-retries-frfalseA flag indicating whether the process should fail after all retries have been exhausted. If retries is 0 this parameter will be ignored
--retry-pause-rp500Pause between retries in milliseconds
--debug-dfalseOutput extra debugging
--silent-sfalseHides the search config in the CLI output
--inline-infalseMakes files smaller in size by removing new lines in the output (works only with json and array formats)
--file-name-fn``Custom file name for the generated file
--date-format-df``Date format (example: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss" or "iso"). More info
--time-zone-tz``Converts dates into specified time zone. More info
--help-hdisplay help for command